Meet Shaneil Shekhar

A prize winning Landscape and Portrait photographer from Sydney, Australia.

Shaneil’s passion for photography began almost 10 years ago after buying his first DSLR for travel photography. Since then he has developed in to a recognised name within the community, winning prizes and being shortlisted for a number of prestigious opportunities for internationally recognised brands such as Adobe and Sony.

Shaneil has travelled to 29 countries capturing gorgeous landscape images from beautiful cities to incredible snow-glazed alpine scenery and even our Milky Way Galaxy. His goal is to continue travelling the world and showcase its wonders with everyone.

What he loves most about photography is the appreciation that you get when out on location, whether it is watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset or sitting under the night sky and looking up at millions of stars, in those moments you truly feel as if you’re living your best life and cherishing what our world has to offer. Photography gives him a reason to travel to beautiful places and explore. See and do things he otherwise wouldn’t have normally done.

In his spare time Shaneil also takes on wedding photography work and his aim is to make every client feel celebrated.

“life is full of moments, make every moment a masterpiece” – unknown